samedi 26 décembre 2009

Composed during a Walk by Charlotte Smith

The dark and pillowy cloud, the sallow trees,

Seem o'er the ruins of the year to mourn;
And, cold and hollow, the inconstant breeze
Sobs thro' the falling leaves and wither'd fern.
O'er the tall brow of yonder chalky bourn,
The evening shades their gather'd darkness fling,
While, by the lingering light, I scarce discern
The shrieking night-jar sail on heavy wing.
Ah! yet a little—and propitious Spring
Crown'd with fresh flowers shall wake the woodland strain;
But no gay change revolving seasons bring
To call forth pleasure from the soul of pain;
Bid Syren Hope resume her long-lost part,
And chase the vulture Care—that feeds upon the heart.

Charlotte Smith

Pensées mélancoliques et romantisme gothique.

Débardeur dentelles noires H&M

Pierre Hardy

Pochette noeud Alexis Mabille

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  1. My compliment for your blog and pictures included,I encourage you to photoblog


    Even week another photo album

    Greetings from Italy and good holidays


  2. cool ton blog:)!

  3. Beautiful photos!